Brands don’t live by copywriting alone.

We do have an ulterior motive in launching a new copywriting portal:  we know that marketers who need copywriting invariably need more creative services.  Do you also need branding?  Graphic design?  Video content? Production? An entire integrated campaign?  Creative on Call, Inc., the company behind this website, is a well-established virtual agency that “helps clients identify and communicate the simple truth about their brands, one project at a time.”  And we can help you.

clients past and present of Creative on Call, Inc.

A few of the clients, past and present, of Creative on Call, Inc.

With Creative on Call, you can effectively develop any kind of branding, advertising or marketing communications project without having to start up an expensive agency relationship.  We work with brands large and small, B2B and B2C, to create

  • Brand positioning and identity
  • Advertising in all media
  • Direct response
  • Sales collateral
  • Online and offline content

Please visit us our website or email kent (at) for more information.