A very direct copywriter

A very direct copywriter


BFC:          You’ve been a freelance copywriter for over 17 years. What’s made you successful for such a long stretch?

BRENT:     There’s a huge difference between being a freelancer who’s “in between” agency jobs, and a full-time professional copywriter who’s committed to clients. For me, this is a business, not a sideline.

BFC:          Yet you worked for the big Chicago agencies?

BRENT:     Yep; I was a Creative Director at Foote, Cone & Belding and Campbell Mithun Esty. But I was always happiest writing rather than managing, so when the timing was right I took the leap.

BFC:          What differentiates you from other freelancers? Talent?

BRENT:     Perhaps — but just as important, confidentiality. I work as the best‑kept secret of many agencies, printers, design firms and web studios because they know I never go around their channels. Some identify me to their own clients, some prefer I remain in the background, and either way is fine with me.

One of Brent’s favorite projects

BFC:          What projects do you enjoy working on most?

BRENT:     While I work on everything from print ads, brochures and sales collateral to video, websites and digital campaigns, my heritage is direct response. I love to write lengthy direct mail letters, long‑form e‑mailings, sales presentations and other projects with larger‑than‑usual real estate for persuasive copy.

BFC:          So you believe in long copy?

BRENT:     Absolutely! Bullet points have their place, but people will gladly read long copy that grabs their attention, maintains their interest and provides relevant information. I prove it all the time for such companies as American Automobile Association, American Medical Association, Beltone, Citibank, Humana, Morningstar, Motorola Solutions, National Safety Council, Northern Trust, Sage Software, Service Corporation International and Siemens.

BFC:          Anything special about the way you work with clients?

BRENT:     I strive for the same no-surprises relationship that I sought when I was a Creative Director. That means firm project quotes, and even firmer attention to deadlines. I’m continually accessible, and never leave clients waiting for a reply.

And whenever possible, I’m happy to sit down face to face. I work for agency clients on both coasts and points in-between, and I’ve always made it a point to personally meet the people I work for.

BFC:          What do you do in your off time?

BRENT:     Oh, I’m always writing in some shape or form — if not for one of the organizations I belong to, then often for some charities I’m involved with. Then there’s one very special type of writing I do quite frequently: for many years I’ve been a mystery shopper for one of the country’s leading hospitality companies, and evaluate hotels, restaurants and cruises throughout the country through long, detailed eyes-only reports for management. I consider it my small contribution to bettering the state of customer service in the U.S.







Expertise:  Ad copy, brochure copy, direct mail, direct response, radio copy, video scripts, brand naming, website content, blog content, sales literature, sales presentations, online content creation

 Category experience: Appliances, building products, consumer products, credit cards, financial services, insurance, investments, medical, membership associations, software, technology, telecom, utilities, B2B, B2C



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