Great copywriting matters

Great copywriting matters


BFC:   You’re a creative director, you run your own “virtual agency” that provides fully managed creative projects to some great brands…. so why did you launch

CHUCK:  Two reasons:  First, to support great copywriting.  The Internet has commoditized the profession to the point that most of what you can find with a search for “freelance copywriters” are so-called copywriting services that simply offer up “words by the ton.” I saw one recently that specifically invited non-professional writers to participate, presumably because they’re cheaper. Cheap writers are easy to find (and you get exactly what you pay for).

It’s much harder to find copywriters that combine big brand experience (including the strategic and conceptual skills that experience imparts) with integrated marketing expertise.  They bring a clear branding perspective – the ability to convey both emotional and rational brand benefits in a consistent brand personality and voice – and they apply that to every project, whether creating a new ad campaign, writing website copy or scripting your new viral video series.  Running my virtual agency for some 17 years, I’ve meet and worked with some exceptional freelance copywriters, and this site is simply intended to connect them directly with clients who need great writing (and are willing to pay for it).

The second reason gets us to my “ulterior motive”: I know that anyone who needs copywriting help quite likely also needs graphic design, video, integrated campaigns, etcetera,  and I hope that this site will help those clients will find there way over to Creative on Call.

BFC:   But you also still do copywriting yourself, no?

CHUCK:   Yes, when the project is right, and I’m right for the project.  Coming up with ideas and writing copy is the fun part.  DOWNLOAD CHUCK’S WRITING PORTFOLIO

BFC:   So what’s your background as a writer?

CHUCK:   I like to say that ever since I was a writer at BBDO New York, some of the best creative names in the business have sworn by (and/or at) me. I started there on GE, Pepsi, Wrigley, Gillette.  I rose to Senior Creative Director in the Chicago office, responsible for creative on accounts like Jim Beam Brands, Selected Funds and Zurich.  I decided to leave the traditional agency world in the interest of doing more than just TV, radio and print copy (not that I don’t still enjoy writing ads).  Now any given day I may be found creating brand names or website copy, new integrated campaigns or online content … and it may be for B2B or B2C brands, category leaders or start-ups.

experienced B2B and B2C copywriter

Just a few of the brands for which Chuck has created concepts, copy… and results

BFC:  What do you consider your greatest strength as a writer?

CHUCK:   Making the difficult to understand easy to sell.  I keep thinking I should get that registered as my official copywriting theme line.  I have this odd ability to take complex subjects… financial services and technology, for instance… and make them easy to understand, in very human terms.

BFC:  If you had to pick one favorite piece of writing – just one – what would it be?

CHUCK:   Probably a piece I did for a homeless shelter I was volunteering with when it first started out in church basements.  It was an all type ad, aimed at overnight shelter volunteers from the participating congregations.

award-winning copywriters best ads

BFC:  Not bad.  Did the church-goers get the joke?

CHUCK:  Yep.  And I just found out that the shelter is still using the line years later.  Of course, it’s not a good as the OTHER line in the same campaign… the one that didn’t get approved.

BFC:   What was that?

CHUCK:   It was intended as a poster to put up in neighborhood bars, to hopefully recruit young do-gooders looking for a more meaningful one-night stand. It simply said: GOD LOVES PEOPLE WHO SLEEP WITH STRANGERS.

BFC:   And they didn’t approve that?  Shocking.  One last question: What strengths or talents do you bring to a project besides good writing?

CHUCK:  Strategic thinking – I’ve participated in, and led, many brand positioning projects, and routinely develop creative strategies for clients. Oh yes, and the odd song or two (be warned; I’m infamous for singing in meetings.)











Expertise:  ad copy, radio copy, brochure copy, direct mail, direct response, campaign concepts, brand naming, website content, blog content, online content creation

Category experience:    advisor recruitment, credit cards, confections, gum, consulting, consumer products, financial services, professional services, insurance, investments, liquor, technology, spirits, tourism, telecom, B2b, B2C



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