How to Find a Truly Professional Freelance Copywriter in 3 Steps

How to Find a Truly Professional Freelance Copywriter in 3 Steps

Freelance Copywriters Are a Dime a Dozen (Even Less if You Go Offshore). Here’s How to Find a Truly Qualified Conceptual Copywriter.


I think it began in the bad old days of SEO copywriting, a time when techniques and tips, the tricks of getting Google’s attention, mattered more than a talent for human communication. It spawned – as if from some swamp of copywriting cretinism – a generation of word-producers, not so much writers as technically adept typists, able to crank out a stream of search-friendly words for pennies apiece. But there was no heart. No soul. No human voice. And worse yet – no concepts, no ideas, just words.

That generation is still plying its trade, even in a post-Panda and Penguin world, but masquerading now as full-fledged copywriters, versus sharecroppers from the content farm.  Any number of “writer’s portals” offers up the chance to be a writer, no experience required (just Google “writers wanted no experience required”).

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So how do you, a prospective purchaser of copywriting, separate the real writers – the conceptual, idea-driven writers – from the pretenders?  Here are three key questions to ask: if you’re looking for a writer who can create advertising, direct marketing or high-level branding communications, they should be able to answer “Yes” to all three questions:

1.             Does a writer have more than 10 years of professional writing experience, with the samples to prove it?   Writing is something that only gets refined with practice.  Ten years is a reasonable minimum to require if you want to assure yourself that your writer can get it right the first time.

2.             Has your prospective freelance writer worked on major national and international brands?  It’s not that major brands are the only ones producing good work; it’s just that they’re the brands that can demand the best writers (even if they don’t always allow them to do the best writing). If your writer has that kind of experience, consider it a type of quality-assurance.  If that lack it, prepare to invest in their education (and miss your deadlines).

3.       Is the writer you’re considering full-time freelance?   Moonlighters can be very talented; by definition, however, they are not lways reliable. They are only available “when the moon comes out”, and often not even then.  If you want to keep a project on schedule, your writers must be available when you need them.

It is also a good idea to ask a copywriter  how long they’ve been full-time freelance. If they’re just “between jobs,” you could find yourself having to start over ith a new writer once your “dabbler” moves on to a more permanent gig.

Look over the requirements to be considered for the select group of writers on  You’ll be able to answer “Yes” to all the above, and be sure of getting a qualified freelance copywriter that can deliver the highest level ads, direct mail and branding communications.


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