Genuine MADman

Genuine MADman


Chuck asked me to do an interview about myself, and since I didn’t want to look too crazy asking myself questions, I’m going to pretend I’m Chuck asking me questions…is that ok Chuck?  “That’s fine Don”  (that’s still me… pretending to be Chuck… you can tell because I don’t sound anything like Chuck).

DON AS CHUCK:   Ok, first question…why the pirate crocodile instead of a picture of you?

DON:   It’s more interesting than one of me…besides, I drew it, that should count for something.

DON AS CHUCK:   You’re an illustrator? I thought you were a writer.

DON:   I am a writer…and an illustrator…and an art director. I actually started out doing storyboards for you.

DON AS CHUCK:   That’s right. It’s a crazy mixed up world.

DON:   Tell me about it.  Anyway, I just wanted to give a little info about what I’ve done and also give my website where you can take a look for yourself. And here it is:

I’ve helped create some fun campaigns, as well as a couple of Super Bowl spots, including one I wrote and art directed called “Keyhole” for Visa that scored 11 on the ad meter…

DON AS CHUCK:   Or as Spinal Tap would say, “one better than 10”


DON:   Exactly.  I’ve included it here…I also included a spot I wrote and art directed for Burlington Coat Factory that I like a lot.



DON AS CHUCK:   Looks like you can work on big as well as smaller clients just as easily. I heard you’ve also written for MAD Magazine.

DON:   Yes I have Chuck. Thanks for mentioning it.

DON AS CHUCK:   And you write and illustrate children’s books too?

DON:     I do, but I’m still looking for a publisher.

DON AS CHUCK:   Sounds like you’ve got a lot of work under your belt…

DON:   And looking for more, as they say.

DON AS CHUCK:  Well, they usually know what they’re talking about.  By the way, who are they?

DON:   I’m not sure, I was hoping you knew.






Expertise:   Advertising copywriting, campaign concepts, humor, art direction, illustration

Category expertise:  Candy, confections, credit cards, clothing, consumer products, food, fast food, snack food, pizza


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