Unfurling Sales

Unfurling Sales


 BFC: So tell me about yourself.

LAUREL: My background is direct marketing copywriting. The strategy-driven, results-driven discipline taught me to keep my focus on the reader.

 BFC: The reader? Not the product?

LAUREL: Yes. Advertising that is only about the product does not connect. A good writer will focus on the reader’s needs, then connect those needs to the product. That emotional connection drives response.

BFC: So where does medical writing come in?

LAUREL: Making medical decisions is about the scariest thing there is. And, when it’s really serious, people aren’t in the best frame of mind to make decisions.

I think medical information can be much more accessible – more visual, easier to sort, easier to use. That’s why I completed the Medical Writing and Editing Certificate from University of Chicago: I wanted to learn the tools to navigate complex decisions.

direct mail copywriter, direct response copywriting

Just one example of Laurel Johnson’s direct response copywriting

BFC: So you’re into long copy?

LAUREL: Sure, I can do long-form copy. I do love creating the cues – the navigation – to sort through a lot of information.  But short copy is important, too. Recently, I attended a huge financial expo filled with gorgeous, expensive booths covered in long, jargon-dense copy bullets. No buyer benefits, no way to access the information.  I think I saw exactly one headline in the entire place. So it’s not about long or short: it’s about making connections.

 BFC: You’re a sailing instructor, too?

LAUREL: Last summer, I was fortunate to work for Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing / Chicago Park District. I introduced people of many different abilities – physically disabled, blind, deaf, cognitively impaired – to sailing.

BFC: How does this relate to writing?

LAUREL: It’s all about accessibility. It’s about understanding where a person is at today, then creating the navigation to help that person get to specific goals.

Writing and sailing – I learn something new every sail, every project! And that’s exactly why it pays to hire an experienced writer. You’re not just buying a block of copy. You’re accessing years of learning and testing to get the right message for your audience.

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Expertise:  Copywriting, concepts, content development, direct marketing, news releases, web sites, print ads, brochures, patient education, sales kits, slides, and medical editing per AMA Manual of Style

Category experience:  Consumer, business-to-business, and sales force marketing for hospitals, professional associations, nonprofits, insurance, investments, publishing, software

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